UZH-UNIGE Call for Proposals for Joint Research and Teaching


In December 2017 the University of Geneva (UNIGE) and the University of Zurich (UZH) have entered into a strategic partnership agreement. The largest comprehensive universities in the German- and French-speaking parts of Switzerland have long maintained close links in research, teaching and student exchange. It is the aim of this partnership to further foster and intensify these links and to jointly strengthen the visibility and outreach of both institutions within Switzerland and abroad.

With the goal of facilitating cooperation in the framework of the strategic partnership, UNIGE and UZH have established a funding scheme for joint research, teaching and outreach. The funding shall enable UNIGE and UZH faculty and researchers to intensify collaboration by supporting the development of outstanding joint projects. The supported activities should have a clearly defined focus and serve as a catalyst for the development of new joint projects or sustainable outcomes.

In addition to an all-year round open call for Seed Funding Grants, the strategic partnership launches an annual thematic call for joint projects.

Annual Thematic Call 2021-2022

Against the backdrop of successive global crises (health, climate, biodiversity, polarization of societies, economic, rise of autocratic states, etc) and the race to overcome them, UNIGE and UZH call for proposals for joint projects in research and teaching on the theme:

"Engaging Science and Society for More Resilience"

In this Call for Proposals, special attention will be given to projects that foster the dialogue between science and society and/or politics. Projects with an outreach activity are particularly welcome.

The funding scheme is open to all academic disciplines. The proposals can be either focused on one discipline or be of interdisciplinary character. They may, for example, tackle questions such as (non-exhaustive list):

  • How to engage society in finding solutions for tackling the challenges facing us?
  • How can science be better utilized to make societies more resilient?
  • How does science impact society and politics (and vice-versa)?

Photo by Vlad Tchompalov on Unsplash


Geneva and Zurich faculty are invited to submit proposals for collaborative projects in research and/or teaching using a common application form. Proposals may come from individual faculty members or a group of faculty but should have Geneva and Zurich faculty members as co-PI’s (Principal Investigator) in all cases. Each team must include at least one Principal Investigator from each university who holds a Doctoral degree and is a regular faculty member with an employment contract covering the entire period of the project.

Submission and Deadlines

The Call for Proposals closes on 9 January 2022 (extension till 14 January 2022).

Given the multilingual character of the academic community in both universities, English has been chosen as the official language for this Call for Proposals. To facilitate project review, applications should be in English on this platform.

The proposals must include a short summary of the project (max. 1000 words), a timeline and a budget (please use the Excel template provided under "General instructions" in the application submission form). The application process also includes answering the following questions (max. 150-200 words):

  • Please enter the general project timeline (start/end dates, specific events and milestones), using one line per entry (for example "October 2020: initial Skype meeting")
  • Please describe the main activities and potential outcomes.
  • What are the main merits of the project and what is its added value to the field and the participants?
  • Please illustrate the potential follow-up activities and future collaborations that will result from this project.
  • If future activities and planned collaborations require longer term funding, please describe how that will be secured.
  • Is this a new collaboration or based on an existing one? Please comment briefly.

A tutorial (PDF format) is available on the instructions page once you are signed in.

The application submission page is visible only if you are signed in (if you are reading this page while signed in, click on "dashboard"). If you previously had an account on the platform, your username is still active, but you need to create a new password at login.


Proposals will be evaluated by a joint committee composed of faculty members and the Rectorates from UNIGE and UZH. Particular attention will be given to the following criteria:

  • Meaningful impact in relation to the topic of the call
  • Active engagement and activities with policy and society actors in the course of the project
  • Potential for creating sustainable follow-up collaborative activities
  • Scientific merit and envisaged synergies of the proposed activities and of the anticipated outcome
  • Potential for strengthening the institutional links between UNIGE and UZH
  • Coherent and clearly formulated plan of the activity (comprehensible for non-expert reviewers) and clear outline of dissemination activities

Priority will be given to projects and teams that have not previously benefitted from the UNIGE-UZH joint funding scheme.


Grants will be awarded in the amounts of min. CHF 20,000 to max. CHF 30,000 per project. Depending on available funding, a total of 4-8 projects will be selected.

Project duration: 18 months.

Funds can be spent over the course of the grant period on:

  • Travel and accommodation costs for meetings at the partner university
  • Jointly organized events (workshops, conferences, science cafés, exhibitions, open laboratories, science slams etc.)
  • Jointly organized trainings and teaching modules
  • Research assistant wages
  • Use of facilities and consumables
  • Costs for joint open access publications

The following expenses are not eligible:

  • salaries of Principal Investigators or regular faculty members
  • conference or event registration fees unless specifically for presenting the findings of the project
  • purchase of office equipment (computers, printers)

Administrative Contacts for Submission of Proposals and for Further Information

Dr. Sara Elmer
Project Manager
International Relations Office

Dr. Nuné Nikoghosyan
Partnerships Manager
International Relations and Partnerships Office