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Design Thinking is increasingly recognized as a high potential skill and approach in tackling complex challenges (also called “wicked or messy problems”). It is widely used in the areas of Service Design and management as well as throughout all steps of the Design
Science Research (DSR) methodology common in Information Systems and Computer Science. ThinkDesign is a project aiming at developing Design Thinking as a key skillset at both Yonsei and Geneva Universities based on joining forces of two professors active in this area. In doing so, the project will allow to elaborate a shared ontology on Design Thinking including scientific literature, workshops, best practices and concrete projects, based on our respective knowledge, teaching experiences and projects in our own countries, namely Switzerland and South Korea. The project will concretely test and evaluate the shared knowledge by teaching courses at both universities.

ThinkDesing has the following main objectives addressing the issue of developing Design Thinking as an academic skillset in a complex world where creativity is becoming a key factor for purposeful research and innovation :

  • Develop a shared ontology in Design Thinking based on European and Asian experience.
  • Develop and experiment new academic curricula in Design Thinking at all academic levels including executive education.
  • Offer the opportunity for the applicants to participate in the teaching of each other’s universities.
  • Allow for Yonsei PhD students to participate in the Doctoral School in Design Science & Design Thinking in Switzerland.
  • Define a plan to sustain and develop the initial effort beyond the project funding.
Prof. Jean-Henry Morin
University of Geneva
Prof. Kil Soo Suh
Yonsei University