Featured Projects

In this section, you will find links to summaries of some of the projects that have been conducted with the support of Joint Seed Money funds within the frames of the strategic partnerships of the University of Geneva.

Sino‐Swiss Archaeological Research Project on Cultural Exchange along the Eurasian Silk Routes

Project holders
Prof. Lorenz E. Baumer (University of Geneva)
Prof. Wei Jian (Renmin University of China) 

Strategic Partnership:
University of Geneva – Renmin University of China

Humanities, archaeology, summer school

Science in a digitalized era: Swiss Open Psychological Science Initiative (SOPSI)

Project Holders
Prof. Evie Vergauwe (University of Geneva)
Dr Alessandra S. Souza (University of Zurich)

Strategic Partnership
University of Geneva – University of Zurich

Open science, psychology, workshop

Cybersecurity Breaches and Legal Liability under Private Law

Project Holders
Prof. Jacques de Werra (University of Geneva)
Prof. Guy Pessach (Hebrew University of Jerusalem)

Strategic Partnership
University of Geneva – Hebrew University of Jerusalem

Cybersecurity, digital law, conference